Feature Roadmap

Explore the features we plan on bringing to Wellness

Coming Soon

  • ☁️ Cloud Backup

    Wellness stores data only on your device. Make sure its always safe with our reliable, secure, and private backup service.

    In Progress
  • 🏷 Tags

    Use tags to quickly capture emotions, symptoms, activities, and more in your Mood Check-Ins!

  • 🗺 Places

    Understand how your surroundings affect your mood. Do you often feel crappy at work or at home? Maybe it's time for a new job 🤔

  • 🌦 Weather

    Understand how weather patterns affect your mood.



  • 🏃‍ Health Check-Ins

    Wellness checks in on your mood when your other apps record sleep, workouts, period cycles, mindfulness, and more.

    Version 1.4 – January 2019
  • 📝 Note Editing

    Edit notes and even add a note to a mood if you forgot to.

    Version 1.4 – January 2019
  • 😴 Sleep Summaries

    See sleep session summaries in your Wellness timeline, and receive a Mood Check-In notification after you wake up.

    Version 1.4 – January 2019
  • Drafts

    Don't worry about leaving your note unfinished if something comes up. Wellness keeps a single draft in memory so you don't lose everything you were writing.

    Version 1.3.12 – June 2018